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Monthly Supervisor's Report

Read the latest updates from the desk of the Richmond Town Supervisor:


May 2016

Looking Forward


As we move forward in 2016, it is important that we take a moment to reflect on the achievements we have made thus far. Our community continues to make substantial progress on capital improvement projects. Our boards are engaged in long-term planning conversations. Our town staff operates in an efficient, effective, and friendly manner. Our businesses are prospering as we observe the ‘Now Hiring’ signs lining Main Street.


It is a proud time to be a resident of Richmond. I am proud to be a part of this team. I am truly honored to be a representative for the Richmond community. In 2016, we will establish and outline our plans moving forward.



A Need for Increased Participation


The Richmond Town Board has acknowledged a need to increase the opportunity for local resident participation in our decision-making processes. This has led to discussion regarding the current size and composition of our Planning Board, as well as the importance of establishing new advisory committees.


We have recently taken action to create a Parks & Recreation Committee to formulate ideas and make recommendation to the Town Board on actionable items in this area. Additionally, we have formalized our Code Review Committee to continue the necessary adaption of our town’s code to meet today’s standards.


Town Board discussion continues regarding potential advisory committees focused on economic development, information technology, and environmental conservation. There are many opportunities for individuals to provide input and add value to our town.

Flood Mitigation 


On March 18th, the Town of Richmond hosted a multijurisdictional meeting to discuss the current status of the Honeoye Lake Outlet and Mill Creek. In attendance were representatives from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), NYS Department of Transportation, Senator Rich Funke’s Office, Ontario County Soil & Water Conservation District (OCSWCD), Ontario County Planning, Ontario County
Sewer Department and representatives from the town.


There was much discussion regarding the flow and capacity of these waterways. As the next step in this process, it was recommended that stakeholders partner with the Army Corp of Engineers complete a visual inspection of the waterways.

On May 12th and May 26th, the town will again serve as host for a two-day “Post-Flood Emergency Stream Intervention Training” facilitated by the Ontario County Soil and Water Department. Awareness to the issues facing our community is key.


This event will bring an abundance of hydrology professionals to Richmond, providing town officials with the opportunity to perform this visual inspection of the outlet and Mill Creek with the Army Corp, DEC, and OCSWCD. With these stakeholders, we will formulate our action plan for these troubled waterways.




Water Project Updates


East Lake Road water project construction bids were approved by the Town Board on May 10th. This project, long awaited by the residents, is set to break ground in early July 2016.


The Town Board initially secured funding from USDA Rural Development in the form of a $1,400,000 grant and $2,340,350 loan. An additional $652,000 loan from USDA Rural Development was recently obtained to secure the final piece of the financing puzzle to allow this project to progress.

We anticipate that this project will be completed by December 31, 2016 with final restoration being completed in the late spring 2017.

This project is ready to move forward thanks to the diligent efforts of the Town Board (current and past) and the Project Team, consisting of our Town Engineer, Town Attorney, Grants Consultant, Financial Consultant, the Monroe County Water Authority, and Town Support Staff.


The Ashley/White Road water main has been installed, tested and disinfected by the Contractor. Final approval has been obtained from the NYS Health Department, and the Monroe County Water Authority has placed the lines in service.


Restoration of the lawn areas is currently taking place, and is expected to be complete within the next few weeks, weather depending.