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May 2018

Dear Town of Richmond Residents,

The Richmond Town Board has Established a Comprehensive Plan Review committee. The next time they meet is Tuesday, May 29th, 5pm to 6:30 here at the Town Hall. Subsequent dates are Monday, June 18th and Monday, July 9th. All meetings are open to the public. If you would like to be involved in some way please let me know at​. Some of the work will be done will address Code and Zoning concerns along with a Master Plan for our Parks, Sandy Bottom Beach, Trail System and Sandy Bottom East Lake Rd Park (3-M) along with Economic Development, Tourism and Housing concerns. There is a good deal of great research, and a large amount of work to be done. Please come out and get involved. 


Councilwoman Amy Linehan and Recreation Director Holly Stoddard have been working on a Healthy Living Grant for Richmond Recreation to expand activities to the 55 and over population in our community. A few other grants being worked on are designing a shoreline restoration project at Sandy Bottom Beach and a culvert replacement grant for both Allens Hill Rd. and Ashley Rd. The Parks and Recreation Committee secured a $2,000 grant with the help of one of their members. 


Thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Robie Ungar, we have a new Kiosk at Sandy Bottom Park and we need suggestions as to what should be displayed there among the suggestions of pamphlets and maps. Due to the infestation of the Ash Borer Beetle in our ash trees at Sandy Bottom Park. The Parks and Recreation Committee has been busy orchestrating the inoculation of a few Ash trees for shade on the beach and near the Sandy Bottom trailhead as well as exploring avenues to remove other Ash trees before they become dangerous. The committee is looking into both the Re-leaf grants with in the DEC and Urban Forestry grants to assist with complicated task of getting dying ash trees out of the Park’s wetland. They are also putting together a “Friends of the Park” not- for- profit to assist this committee. Both this committee and the new Board could use more members. Parks and Recreation meet the first Monday of each month at the Town Hall 6:30 pm. All meetings are open to the public. Send me an email at ​​ if you have some time to dedicate to our parks system here in the community.


Councilman Dave Violas is forming an Events Committee to help organize and facilitate community involvement in community wide Events, more details to follow.


Please consider getting involved to plan the future of the Community.


Caroline Sauers,
Richmond Town Supervisor