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 Agenda Documents 

Town Board Meeting Agenda Documents


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Richmond Town Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

7:00 pm



Regular Meeting


1. Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance


2. Privilege of the Floor 

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Audit of Town Bills

5. Committee Reports:

     A. Planning Board 

         1. Monthly Report          


     B. Zoning Board
         1. Monthly Report
     C. Lake Quality Report
  1. Monthly Report 
     D. Code Review Committee     

          1. Monthly Report

             2. Discussion of Draft Amended Onsite Wastewater Treatment Local Law

             3. Discussion of Engagement With General Code


     E. Parks & Recreation Committee

            1. Monthly Report

            2. Discussion of 3M Property Lease

            3. Discussion of Signs/Barriers for Archaeological Survey



6. Superintendent/Director Reports:
      A. Recreation Department
        1. Monthly Report to the Board

2. Update on NYMIR Workshop - April 27, 2017

3. Discussion of Background Checks

         4. Discussion of Code of Conduct

         5. Discussion of Lifeguard Staffing


     B. Building and Grounds
        1. Monthly Report to the Board


     C. Code Enforcement
         1. Monthly Report to the Board

         2. Update on Solar Conference

         3. Discussion of Draft Fee Schedule

         4. Discussion of Building Permit Expiration 

     D. Historian
         1. Monthly Report to the Board
     E. Town Clerk
         1. Monthly Report to the Board

           2. Discussion of Emergency Response Plan




     F. Highway Department
         1. Monthly Report to the Board

 2. Discussion of Equipment Replacement Plan


     G. Assessor

         1. Monthly Report to the Board


7. Supervisor

      A. Old Business

           1. Update on East Lake Road Water Project

     2. Town Hall Parking Lot Site Plan Proposal

             3. Discussion of 2015 Town of Richmond Erosion Damage


      B. New Business

           1. Resoltion for Reserve Funding

           2. Resolution to Set Declarable Inventory Threshold

   3. Discussion of Security Improvement Plan

   4. Allens Hill Road Culvert Replacement Project

   5. Audit Engagement Letter - Rayment F. Wager, CPA

            6. Update on Ontario County Solid Waste Survey & Hazardous

               Waste Collection Day       


8. Public Comment


9. Executive Session (if necessary)

10. Motion to Adjourn

11. Next Regular Meeting: May 9th, 2017 at 7:00 pm 



Agenda documents may be viewed below.